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How much do downloads cost?
MobileTV4U does not charge for mobile content but your operator's downloading costs will apply.
What does type, 3GP, MP4 or RM (RealMedia 8) mean?
These are all different types of video format, so check your mobile specifications before downloading.
I don't know which video type to use?
3GP is the most basic format and will work almost all mobiles, MP4 is mainly for Motorola. RM - Realmedia 8, requires RealOne player on your phone.
What is HQ?
HQ stands for High Quality, the video is exactly the same, except the quality is better and the file size is larger. The video will therefore take longer to download then a standard video. Not all videos need an HQ equivalent, because the quality is already to a very high standard, this tends to only be required for longer videos (more then 24 seconds).
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